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  • carbon fiber parts | speedkore performance group

    Carbon Fiber Parts | SpeedKore Performance Group

    SpeedKore carbon fiber parts are the finest available. With attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, the quality of our work has become industry leading. Designed and manufactured in America. No fillers. Pre preg carbon fiber material. Autoclaved …

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  • prepreg & autoclave carbon fiber composites manufacturer

    Prepreg & Autoclave Carbon Fiber Composites Manufacturer

    We design and manufacture prepreg carbon fiber composites for the automotive industry and racing cars, as well as for medical (X-ray devices), wheelchairs, military, interior decor, rehabilitation and many other uses. Our company also produces and supplies 1 to 25mm thick carbon fiber sheets. The manufacturing …

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  • carbon fiber autoclave - asc process systems

    Carbon Fiber Autoclave - ASC Process Systems

    Carbon Fiber Autoclave. ASC is the world's largest supplier of carbon fiber Autoclaves used by the aerospace and ballistics industries. Our Econoclave is ASC's flag-ship carbon fiber autoclave and is installed throughout the world. 20 years of carbon fiber Autoclave …

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  • autoclave for carbon fiber - composite material autoclave

    Autoclave for Carbon Fiber - Composite Material Autoclave

    Autoclave for carbon fiber( also called composite material autoclave or carbon fiber autoclave) is a kind of process equipment aiming at the forming process characteristics of polymer-based carbon fiber materials. It is suitable for the forming of advanced composite material structure, honeycomb sandwich structure and metal or composite …

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  • china custom carbon fiber auto part manufacturers and

    China Custom Carbon Fiber Auto Part Manufacturers and

    In composite technology, autoclaves are pressure vessels used to process parts and materials which require exposure to elevated pressure and temperature for the curing. The pressure is necessary to reach a sufficient level of fiber content and to reduce the residual porosity in the composites.

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  • carbon fiber parts manufacturing | carbon fiber

    Carbon fiber Parts Manufacturing | Carbon Fiber

    Dexcraft is a leading manufacturing company and supplier of top quality carbon fibre elements. We have expertise in series production (minimum 20 items) of carbon fibre elements. We manufacture items in bulk using materials that include epoxy composites with carbon …

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  • aviation composites manufacturing | composite parts production

    Aviation Composites Manufacturing | Composite Parts Production

    Aviation Composite Autoclave. Our 12′ x 32′ aviation composite autoclave is a high pressure vessel used in the manufacture of composites requiring high pressures and heat. Our performance aerospace parts …

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  • gmt composites

    GMT Composites

    GMT Composites, since its founding in 1984, has stood at the forefront of carbon fiber composite innovation and new applications development. Originally focused on marine use, GMT developed a strong reputation building carbon fiber rudders, and is probably best known for carbon fiber …

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  • motorcycle parts for buell xb carbon fiber frame covers

    Motorcycle Parts For Buell Xb Carbon Fiber Frame Covers

    KIY CARBON - a professional manufacturer of carbon fiber products.. Using imported carbon fiber pre-preg, we produce high quality carbon fiber products with autoclave.. Over 1,500 carbon fiber motorcycle parts and car parts available.. Various parts …

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  • autoclave myth — gmt composites

    Autoclave Myth — GMT Composites

    It was published in Composites Science and Technology, March 2008. This group had samples made from five different batches of carbon that had previously been used to build masts. The samples were actually made by the mast builder. One batch was made in their autoclave …

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  • advanced composites and carbon fiber is our expertise.

    Advanced Composites and Carbon Fiber is our expertise.

    We manufacture custom one-off prototypes to small or large scale production projects. We also offer composite repair services. Here at Finishline we have small to large, state of the art equipment. This allows us to manufacture a small or very large part or parts.We offer a complete line of composite technologies.

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  • home | g3carbon

    Home | g3carbon

    When it comes to carbon fiber, your choices boil down to exactly two: do you want to buy low cost, high volume carbon fiber manufactured outside the United States, often times by folks who have never SEEN the actual vehicle for which they’re producing parts…

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  • carbon fibre custom performance car parts - carbonwurks

    Carbon Fibre Custom Performance Car Parts - CarbonWurks

    Carbon Fibre has been around for many years, but the benefits are still not being widely used by many car manufacturers due to its high costs and longer production timescales. Carbon Fibre has the …

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  • autocomposites and the myth of $5/lb carbon fiber

    Autocomposites and the myth of $5/lb carbon fiber

    Feb 24, 2017· And then, a funny thing happened: Carbon fiber got cheaper. How cheap? It’s hard to say. Carbon fiber manufacturers don’t publish their prices, but some casual inquiries revealed that 50K tow, industrial-grade carbon fiber can be acquired from one or more suppliers …

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