customized horizontal thermal fluid heaters

  • thermal oil heaters for hot oil heating systems | pirobloc

    Thermal oil heaters for hot oil heating systems | Pirobloc

    PIROBLOC thermal oil heaters are adapted to the regulations in force in every territory. We manufacture high range, totally customized thermal fluid heaters to satisfy our customers’ needs: Horizontal or vertical execution.

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  • custom thermal fluid system for biodiesel processing - tfs

    Custom Thermal Fluid System for Biodiesel Processing - TFS

    To comply with permitting requirements for this large-scale installation, we configured four gas-fired, 10 million BTU heaters into one central plant heating system. This horizontal, high-efficiency heating system utilizes 15,000 gallons of thermal fluid and provides process temperatures in the 500°F to 600°F range.

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  • design & supply of electric heating systems - thermal

    Design & Supply of Electric Heating Systems - Thermal

    Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. provides custom design and supply of electric heating systems, with customized, stand alone, or skid mounting options. Critical components include heater, specially designed isolation valves, pump, strainer, degasser, expansion tank, burner, safety controls, SCR and power controls.

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  • custom thermal fluid heater systems - process heating

    Custom Thermal Fluid Heater Systems - Process Heating

    Jan 01, 2010· Fulton Thermal Corp. manufactures customized thermal fluid heater systems to meet your heat transfer needs. All heaters are built and stamped to ASME Code and are available in vertical and horizontal configurations with operating temperatures to 750°F. Heaters can be configured to burn a variety of fuels.

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  • fired horizontal thermic fluid heater - oil fired

    Fired Horizontal Thermic Fluid Heater - Oil Fired

    All the Horizontal type Thermic Fluid Heaters are equipped with a reputed make mono block imported Burner suitable for Light oil, Furnace oil and Natural Gas fuel firing with On - off / Two stage / Three stage modulation as per capacity of heater output and customer requirements.

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  • thermal fluid heaters & industrial hot oil heaters

    Thermal Fluid Heaters & Industrial Hot Oil Heaters

    American Heating Company is the acknowledged leader in the technology of packaged thermal fluid heaters and hot oil heaters.We are proud to be the only heater company in this market to offer a serpentine radiant coil unit as the standard in our industrial thermal fluid heater design.

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  • electric thermal fluid heaters - pirobloc

    Electric thermal fluid heaters - Pirobloc

    Customized versions OPERATION OF THE ELECTRIC THERMAL FLUID HEATERS Our electric thermal oil heaters consist of one or more immersion type heaters, housed in their respective tubes made of ASTM A 106 Gr B carbon steel, of 300mm in length to dissipate the temperature. The connection box is housed at one of the ends.

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  • thermal fluid heaters

    Thermal Fluid Heaters

    Thermal Fluid Heaters Vertical, Horizontal and Electric 75,000 - 14,000,000 BTU/HR Thermal-bro-053107:Layout 1 6/1/2007 2:54 PM Page 2

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  • heat transfer fluid heaters | exotherm corporation

    Heat Transfer Fluid Heaters | Exotherm Corporation

    Vertical or Horizontal Designs Turndown ratios up to 40:1 Exotherm has a long history of making safe and reliable heat transfer fluid heaters. If necessary, Exotherm can design and provide a pump skid for use with the thermal fluid heater.

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  • thermal fluid systems - industrial heaters wattco

    Thermal Fluid Systems - Industrial Heaters Wattco

    Wattco offers both custom made and pre-designed electric circulation heaters for use in thermal fluid systems. These circulation heaters are used to heat the thermal fluid being used in the system, which is then transferred to the object being heated.

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  • gas fired thermal fluid heaters & systems | heat exchange

    Gas Fired Thermal Fluid Heaters & Systems | Heat Exchange

    Heat Exchange and Transfer, Inc. offer gas fired thermal fluid heaters that are available in three heater coil designs and have a maximum operating temperature of 750⁰F and a heating capacity ranging from 500,000 to 20MM BTU/HR. Our gas fired thermal systems are used in a variety of applications and industries! Request a quote today.

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  • thermal fluid heaters - multi-tubular custom - performance

    Thermal Fluid Heaters - Multi-Tubular Custom - Performance

    The HTH Thermal Fluid Heaters are our higher capacity and/or higher operating temperature (exceeding 662°F or 350°C oil temperature) direct fired thermal fluid heaters. A direct fired thermal fluid heater imparts its thermal energy directly into the process fluid, in this case thermal …

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  • thermal fluid heaters - agl energy

    Thermal Fluid Heaters - AGL Energy

    One exchanger uses thermal fluid to heat water, while the other heat exchanger is used to heat ethylene glycol. This system includes two FT-0600-C thermal fluid heaters skid mounted with three circulating pumps (one pump acts as a backup for either heater), and one FT-5000-L expansion tank.

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  • hc 3-pass horizontal thermal fluid (hot oil) heater (model

    HC 3-Pass Horizontal Thermal Fluid (hot oil) Heater (Model

    Fulton's horizontal coil thermal fluid (hot oil) heater features a 3-pass, multi-pipe design for high fluid velocities and low film temperatures. The heaters are available from 2,400,000 BTU/hr to 20,000,000 BTU/hr output and maximum operating temperatures to 650°F (340°C). Ready to choose Fulton?

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  • custom thermal fluid heater systems - process heating

    Custom Thermal Fluid Heater Systems - Process Heating

    Jan 01, 2009· Fulton Thermal Corporation offers customized and complete thermal fluid (hot oil) heater systems. Heaters can be skid mounted at the factory with circulating pump and expansion tank. ASME stamped heaters are available …

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  • custom thermal fluid replacement heaters | wechsler

    Custom Thermal Fluid Replacement Heaters | Wechsler

    Custom replacement heaters designed to replace existing units that failed and new applications where the installation location or size is unique.

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  • product finder :: fulton

    Product Finder :: Fulton

    Thermal Fluid (Hot Oil) Heaters. With decades of thermal fluid engineering experience, Fulton is able to design and engineer superior thermal fluid heater (hot oil) systems. Fulton heaters can reach temperatures of 750°F (345°C) making them an ideal choice for many process heat applications, including food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing.

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  • oil gas -fired horizontal thermal fluid heater boiler

    Oil gas -fired horizontal thermal fluid heater boiler

    Thermal oil heaters for hot oil heating systems | Pirobloc. Your process heated up by our thermal fluid boilers can reach an efficiency of 90%. difference between a horizontal thermal oil heater and a vertical thermal fluid heater, with Our hot oil boilers provide heat through liquid fuel (HFO, light oil) and/or Temperature up to 400º C; Folding doors; Fire prevention inlet for N2 or

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  • fulton alliance horizontal coil thermal fluid (hot oil) heater

    Fulton Alliance Horizontal Coil Thermal Fluid (hot oil) Heater

    Alliance Horizontal Coil Thermal Fluid (hot oil) Heater Output: 2.4MM - 20MM Btu/hr 605k - 5MM kcal/hr -3 Pass Design -Gas, Oil or Low Emissions Gas Burners Available -Customized Controls Fulton's Horizontal Coil design thermal fluid (hot oil) heaters utilize a 3-pass design allowing for high fluid velocities and low film temperatures.

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